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Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina
Mistress Mina

About me:

26 years old Mistress from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
If you're searching for solace through embracing pain, comfort in relinquishing control, finding ease in surrender or freedom through the exploration of unconventional desires, you're invited to enter my world.

In my realm, I take pleasure in cherishing connections with men, orchestrating relationships that span from commanding submissive dynamics.
My desire is to empower my submissive counterparts, ensuring they harbor no fear or shame in expressing their clandestine desires and fantasies.

Immersed in the allure of commanding femininity, I revel in navigating the world of men. Their dedication and eagerness to submit to my every wish fuel the establishment of an unwavering trust, a unique realm dedicated to pleasure, the crafting of exceptional moments, absolute acceptance, and genuine expression of interest.

Let’s start with what I look for in a submissive.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned in this realm, what holds utmost importance for me is the eagerness to serve. In a submissive, I appreciate proficient communication, reverence for my time, considerate gestures, unwavering dedication, and the potential for loyalty as our connection progresses.

I embody an exquisitely captivating Mistress; beneath my refined feminine exterior resides a Sadistic force, adept at pushing your boundaries beyond your most humble yet intriguing expectations.
Understanding your yearning to submit to a commanding woman, to follow her directives without the freedom to think independently, to undergo training for her pleasure, and to be tantalizingly tortured by her with immense delight. I recognize the need for this equilibrium in your daily life, the desire for high-quality experiences.

My pleasure lies in keeping your arousal ignited with my alluring physique, inventive mind, and sensuous demeanor, only to then skillfully push you beyond your limits, all while wearing a devilishly wicked smile. My approach is an artful blend of sophistication and sensuality. Relax and relish the experience—your secret remains secure within these confines.

Possessing the dual virtues of expertise and beauty, I extend an invitation for you to accompany me into my enchanting, delightful, and indulgent haven, where we can embark on a myriad of unconventional and exciting escapades together.

My objective is to emancipate men from the societal pressures of adhering to a stereotypical masculine ideal. I aspire to offer you the freedom to authentically express yourself. Within a secure space, we delve into aspects of vulnerability, power dynamics, and societal roles, facilitating an environment where you can confidently embrace your unique identity without the apprehension of societal judgment. Embracing submission can be a source of strength and empowerment.

Here’s a list of things that I might indulge in:

* Spit
* Watersports (Golden shower)

* Foot/ Shoe Worship
* Latex Worship
* Gloves Fetish
* Ass Smothering / Breath Play
* Armpit worship (smelling only)
* Facesitting

* Strap-on Pegging , Fisting (Toy,Fingers)
* Foot job

* Humiliation / Degradation
* Latex, PVC, Stockings, Lingerie
* Chastity Device/Key-holding
* Feminisation / Sissy training
* Food Play / Forced Feeding
* Leash/ Light Pet Play
* Restrains / Bondage / Gag
* Findom / Cashmeets/Debt contract, Financial Servitude.
* Ignore Fetish / Human Furniture
* Domestic Servitude
* Tickle Torture while restraint
* Sensory deprivation (blindfolds, Saran Wrap, Duct Tape, Bandaging.)
* Forced Cum eating instructions, JOI

PAIN (light to moderate)
* Spanking (hand, paddle, flogger, riding crop...)
* Face Slapping
* Ball-busting / CBT
* Scratching
* Nipple Torture
* Waxplay

⛔️I am strictly dominant and do not switch I am NOT an escort
My hard limits are any sexual contact at the exception of anal on you and I do not engage in the following activities: Sex, Nudity, Personal Services, Anything Illegal.⛔️

I cordially invite you to share comprehensive details about your interests, preferences, and expectations for our session. Kindly approach me with a well-thought-out message, expressing your eagerness to serve in a manner that aligns with your capabilities. Your thoughtful communication will enhance our interaction and ensure a more fulfilling experience.

☎️ via WhatsApp, msg only☎️

I want this informations in your request:
1️⃣ Name, Age, Nationality
2️⃣ Date of the session
3️⃣ Preferences, fetishes and tabus

Languages spoken:


Contact info:

Website: Phone:+420774919541
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Anal & Strap-on Play
Body Worship
Cock & Ball Torture
Corporal Punishment
Corsets & Lingerie
Face Slapping
Latex, Rubber, PVC & Leather
Maid & Sissy Training
Nipple Tease & Torture
Puppy & Pony Training
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