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Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka
Mistress Hinoka

About me:

28 years old Mistress from Berlin, Germany
*** News ***
I'm back in Berlin, the city of sin.

About me

I was always destined to be a Mistress. Starting from kicking a boy in the balls at elementary school. Domination is my instinct. I have always disciplined, with pain, those who misbehave. Travelling through Europe at 19 years old, at a fetish party in London, I punished my first slave. I caned him and kicked him in the balls. Then I played with a guy's ass with whatever I could find in the house. From there I knew I wanted to be a Mistress. and I've trained with, then worked with some of the finest mistresses of Tokyo.

I want to play, in fact I need to play with my slaves. I want to take my slaves on a journey of pain and pleasure, to new heights, new experiences. Do you want to be my slave? Do you want to enter my dark sadistic world? Bow at my feet? Be in awe at my presence? If so, submit your soul to me and my experience will take you to places you have couldn't even dreamed of.

Languages: Japanese and English


The connection between my submissive and myself unlocks the world of Mistress Hinoka. This connection is important to me and in turn opens the doors into your psyche. Are you worthy to be in the presence of a Japanese Empress? If so, I'll take you on a terrifying, sensual and fun journey.

Favourites Scenes and Specialities

Shibari (Rope Bondage)
A true Japanese art form. To be tied, or even better suspended, must be the dream of every shibari slave by Japanese dominatrix. Skilled in cock tying, also tie & tease as only a Mistress can.

Senkou Hanabi (Firework branding)
A Japanese sparkler made from gunpowder. It has different stages to it’s life, flames, molten liquid & sparks. I do like to brand my hardcore slaves with my these.

Whips and canes
I do love to punish my slaves with whips and canes. Want to be my favourite slave? Then you have to be able to take a hard whipping from your Mistress. Do you need to be disciplined over my knee? Your soles caned? You will submit to your mistress.

Anal Play
My favourite – pegging with a penis band (a.k.a. a strap on). I can train and stretch you to new heights.

CBT (cock and ball torture)
How I like to kick my slaves in the balls. I will stretch and slap. I have cock cages and pin wheels.


Candle / Hot Wax Play - drops of hot wax dripping onto your body, your cock and nipples. All your sensitive areas to feel more tense and pleasure.
Foot, High Heel & Boot Worship - Start with worshiping at the feet of your goddess.
Bondage - Restraints, handcuffs, stress positions, tie & tease. Trust your Mistress and dare yourself to be controlled by me.
Chastity play and keyholding - Your cock locked in a chastity cage and so you are unable to orgasm.
Electro play – Electric paddle, electric pad, stimulating shock play.
Trampling - Stand on your body, your cock and your face. I will degrade you to nothing more than a mat.
Medical play - Enema, catheter, injection needles, piercing and cutting.
Nipple torture – Twisting, pinching, waging, clamps, pegs, wax and needles and piercing.
Mummification - You will be completely immobilized head to toe. Bondage tape, duct tape, vet wrap and plastic wrapping.
Urethral play - Metal or silicon sounding plugs. I will slide them into your penis to penetrate and stretch.
Humiliation - Verbally, physically, I will visually put you in an embarrassing spot, being as a human furniture, spitting, shavings, gags, face slapping etc. Public play depends on context and your paraphilia.
Crossdressing - Forced fem and make-up, sissification, domestic servitude & maid training.
Animal play - Training and depersonalize as a dog, pony, or pig, initiate with part of your own psyche.
Smoking - Cigars, cigarettes, ash play and stubbing out.
Breath play - Smothering, choking, facesitting (clothed). Controlling of breath which effects the rise of dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, endorphin.
Interrogation - Victimize and tied up or restricted on a chair or X-cross and being tortured.
CP - Corporal punishment, whipping, paddling, flogging, caning, kicking, punching, Beatdowns etc.
Sensory Deprivation – Blindfolds, hoods, silent sessions, the focus on the senses of touch, breath, sound, smell, taste, and pain.
Orgasm denial edging - Spoiled orgasms, orgasm control, edging play.
Tickling - Restricted your wrists and ankles tickle your sensitive areas.
Latex / Rubber / PVC clothing

Don’t even ask

Escort / sexual services
Intimate contact
Nudity or nude body worship
Hardsports (scat)
Face sitting (naked)

Languages spoken:


Contact info:

Website: Phone:+4917679006488
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Anal & Strap-on Play
Cock & Ball Torture
Corporal Punishment
Corsets & Lingerie
Face Slapping
Latex, Rubber, PVC & Leather
Maid & Sissy Training
Medical Play
Nipple Tease & Torture
Puppy & Pony Training
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